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Parrish Team
February 8, 2024 | Parrish Team

New Year, New Food Menu

Ready for wine & lunch in the beautiful Paso Robles wine country featuring our delicious new food menu at Parrish? We are, and we work here!

We are excited to offer our new food menu, which kicks off 2024 with delightful twists. Before we dive into the new offerings, we should clarify that the wildly popular BLTA, with its praline bacon and house-made Cabernet sourdough, will return. We will also be returning the Lamb Enchilada. If you haven't had the Lamb Enchilada, it is a must, featuring braised lamb, house-made sweet potato tortillas (gluten-free), guajillo sauce, pickled shallots, and crema. It is collectively a team favorite that we highly recommend pairing with the Estate Cabernet Sauvignon. 

Our married culinary duo, Ethan and Cecily, are bringing some creative new dishes to the menu. The couple, being a part of the Parrish family, love having the freedom to imagine and design dishes to complement the wine that their family works hard to make. "We can pull from childhood favorites to things we just want to try and make. We're able to do whatever we like, but it has to fit along with the wine tasting. It can be challenging, but it's an honor to be a part of showcasing the work of our family," says Cecily. 

So, here's the upcoming menu without further ado. A sandwich that will be popular is the Brisket French Dip. This sandwich features braised brisket on a house-made cheddar and onion roll and served with au jus. Ethan loves cooking up brisket, so it was an obvious choice for the sandwich. You might think of French onion soup with this dish.

Another offering is the Caprese Waffle, which features a waffle infused with basil oil and served with burrata, confit tomatoes, balsamic reduction, and fresh basil. Cecily loves caprese and margherita pizza, so this dish merges her favorite dishes together, but with a savory waffle involved. The Caprese Waffle pairs wonderfully with the Rosé as it will make the wine a little creamy!

If you are looking for a more vegetable-forward dish, Cecily has crafted a Gnocchi Salad. This salad features potato gnocchi and roasted vegetables served with sprigs of arugula, house-made cashew ricotta, pea pesto, and toasted pine nuts. It's a flavorful and light offering that we highly recommend with a glass of our Four Chords blend.

Last but not least is dessert! And this will be for the chocoholics, a Skillet Brownie. A Mexican cocoa brownie served with house-made vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of coffee caramel. This dessert surprised us as Ethan and Cecily worked with the Tasting Room team on a wine pairing. We loved it with the Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, so this will be a decadent finish to your wine tasting. While the dessert comes in a personal cast iron skillet, it is shareable between 2-4 people. Although, we know die-hard dessert enthusiasts will only request one spoon, which we understand. 

If this whetted your appetite, feel free to book a reservation to enjoy our wine and food offerings soon. Come to think of it, the writer of this blog may need to make a reservation for that Skillet Brownie. 

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Parrish Team
February 1, 2024 | Parrish Team

Meet Andrea & the 2020 Zinfandel!

2020 Zinfandel and Tasting Room Lead

Meet Andrea, our Lead Tasting Room Associate, who recently joined the Parrish Family Vineyard team! She is excited to share her favorite wine with you - the 2020 Zinfandel. Andrea is a big fan of chocolate and she loves that the fruit forward Zinfandel carries notes of cocoa and dark chocolate. She also loves the luxury and elegance on the palate and says “Everyone should have a bottle…it’s that delicious.” 

Andrea would pair the Zinfandel with a movie night! For her, horror flicks, friends, and freshly baked brownies are the perfect Zinfandel accompaniments.

Ready to create your own Zinfandel pairing and occasion? Here are the details on the 2020 vintage from our Winemaker, Cody Alt.

2020 Zinfandel 

Owner and Winemaker, David Parrish is drawn to the Zinfandel variety in memory of his grandfather, Earl Henderson, who planted Zinfandel in the 1920’s. Grandpa Earl was able to acquire cuttings from the renown Paderewski Ranch in Paso Robles. He took the cuttings and planted them in Atascadero, where he managed 740 acres. Today, the Parrish Family grows a half acre of Zinfandel near the gates to the Tasting Room along Adelaida Road. 

Tasting Notes: Red Cherry, Fresh Cranberry, Pomegranate, Cocoa, Leather, White Pepper

Pairing Suggestion: Pork Tenderloin with a Mushroom and Sage Stuffing

Release Notes: Released to Wine Club

AVA: Adelaida

Vineyard Notes: Head Trained and Spur Pruned. Half an acre.

Yield: 4 Tons

Alcohol: 14.75%

PH: 3.62

TA: 5.9 G/L

VA: .69 G/L

Fermentation: Stainless Steel with Pumpovers and Punchdowns 

Oak Profile: 50% New French Oak - To allow the fruit to be the focus 

Vintage Notes: The 2020 vintage is memorable much like the year for obvious reasons. Bud break was a little late due to rainfall in the Spring, but there were no frost issues with it being a warmer year. The flowering was normal and occurred in good conditions. Summer arrived with hot weather and record heat waves in August and September. This encouraged the 2020 harvest to begin and be completed quickly. During the beginning days of harvest, Paso Robles and most of the Central Coast was overcast with smoke from fires in Northern California. Despite this challenge, the Zinfandel was left to complete its ripening and the winemaking team worked their magic to save the wine from smoke taint. Therefore, the 2020 vintage showcases the hardwork and determination of our winemaking team to keep the quality that you have come to know and love at Parrish Family Vineyard.  

Purchase the 2020 Zinfandel Here or Join the Wine Club


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