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Parrish Family Vineyard

The Vineyards

"Great wine starts in the vineyard" is a well known phrase used around the wine industry and is no different for us at Parrish Family Vineyard. Our wine is shaped not only by the winemakers but also by our vineyards. We have two vineyards in the Paso Robles AVA, which has a diverse topography, soil series, and micro climates representing a special terrior in California. Our two vineyards are in separate sub AVAs - Adelaida District and Creston District. Each vineyard has different terriors from the soil, terrain, and climate, which creates diversity in our grapes and directs the varieties we grow. 

Adelaida Vineyard

Located in the Adelaida District AVA of Paso Robles

Creston Vineyard

Located in the Creston District AVA of Paso Robles

Vineyard Seasons



Winter is a quiet time in the vineyard as the vines are dormant. Annual pruning usually happens in January-February.  

In March, the vines begin to wake up with bud break. Following bud break, the vines flower and self pollinate. Once the vines have pollinated, the fruit set occurs with small, green berries developing.  

With warm temparatures, the fruit continues to develop. Veraison is a beautiful process occuring in July and August, when the grapes change color and begin softening. 

Fall is go time in the vineyard as vineyard managers and winemakers monitor the grapes and harvest based on ripeness and brix (sugars). Winemakers look for flavor in the grapes and the perfect amount of sugar for fermenation. Harvest time can start as early as August and finish as late as November. 

What is the best time to visit Paso Robles and Parrish Family Vineyard? It is hard to answer that as we love all the seasons. The most popular time to visit is Fall during harvest. The autumn colors and the scent of crushed grapes definitely entice guests to wine country. The other seasons are not to be missed. The warm Summer months deliver beautiful views of lush green vineyards contrasted by Paso's golden hills. And then Spring, bud break is a joyful time watching the vines awaken from dormancy. There is also the quiet and still of Winter with its dramatic fog moving through the shadows of bare vines. No matter what season you choose for visiting, our tasting room will give panoramic views of our changing vineyard along Adelaida Road.