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Parrish Family Vineyard

Sustainable Farming

● Rodent Control: Owl houses are positioned around the vineyard to invite barn owls to inhabit the little homes and assist in our rodent control.

● Green Compost: Barley is sown down the rows of the vineyard to help eliminate weeds and reducing our need for chemicals.

● Fertilizer: Rich compost is used in the rows of the vineyard as organic fertilizer.

● Soil Enrichment: Seaweed is infused into the drip irrigation to add natural minerals to our soil.  We also use a mix of worm cast and organic products, known as organic tea, to enhance the microbes.

● Water: We practice water conservation and believe in being good stewards with our water.

● Solar: We use solar to reduce our carbon footprint and offset one hundred percent of the total electrical use of our ag pump.

● Wildlife: Much of our Creston ranch is left to the natural wildlife, which preserves the lives of animals such as deer, wild boar, bobcats, red foxes, red tailed hawks, roadrunners, and bald eagles.