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Parrish Team
June 14, 2024 | Parrish Team

Why Choose Paso Robles Wine Country?

Why choose Paso Robles Wine Country? With California having nearly 150 American Viticultural Areas (AVAs), there are some choices in which wine country you should visit next. Whether you are returning or looking to discover a new area, Paso Robles is a beautiful wine country not to be missed! 

Wine Varietals In Paso Robles
Cabernet Sauvignon is king in Paso Robles, but the wine country also offers many varieties such as Rhones, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, exciting blends, and historical Zinfandel. Paso Robles grows 60 varieties of wine grapes! That is correct, 6-0, which means you can enjoy many styles of wine. This variety in wine is perfect for specific and adventurous palates. No matter who is a part of your group, you can find a winery that specializes in something for each person. Cabernet Sauvignon is our flagship wine at Parrish Family Vineyard but we serve other estate wines like Sauvignon Blanc, Grenache Rosé, Bordeaux blends, Zinfandel, and Cabernet Franc.

Paso Robles can offer a range of wines because of the 11 sub-AVAs, which each have varying microclimates, soils, and topographies (hills to flats). The varying terriors cultivate different grape varieties and create diverse characteristics in the grapes, for instance, cool vs. warm styles. The variety of grapes then gives winemakers the ability to make not only different wine varietals but also various styles of wine.

To learn more, click these links varieties and geography

Family and Boutique Wineries in Paso Robles
In Paso Robles Wine Country, we are primarily family and boutique wineries. Approachability and unique experiences are at your fingertips. You may be able to do a private tour with an owner who will share many behind-the-scenes stories, or the server pouring the wine is a family member with a generational passion for wine.

Not only will family and boutique wineries deliver memories that will create an impression, but they will also offer access to new wines. Wineries at this scale may not be in BevMo, so you will discover gems that excite your palate.

Wine Country in Central California
Paso Robles is considered a part of the Central Coast in California. With the Central location, Paso Robles is halfway between Los Angeles and the Bay Area making it very accessible. Paso Robles is a perfect rendezvous to meet friends and family as you can easily access U.S. 101 and Hwy 46. You can even make Paso Robles a stop on a Pacific Coast Highway (Hwy 1) road trip, which features stunning views of the California coastline. 

If you prefer flying, Paso Robles is 30 minutes from the regional airport in San Luis Obispo. The San Luis Obispo Airport (SBP) has direct flights from big cities such as Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Denver, and Dallas. Traveling to Paso Robles has only been made easier with the additional flights to SBP over the last few years.

Sustainable Winegrowing
Our Paso Robles wine region features rolling green hills in the Spring but Paso is becoming green year-round with many wineries pioneering sustainable practices. Many grape growers focus on organic, biodynamic, and regenerative farming. Many wineries are installing solar panels to shrink their carbon footprint. 

At Parrish Family Vineyard, we focus on being eco-friendly in the winery and vineyards. In the vineyards, we have always focused on using organic compost to enrich the soil and naturally give nutrients to the vines to create quality fruit. We also plant diverse cover crops in the rows to naturally control weeds. At our Creston and Adelaida vineyards, we installed solar to reduce our carbon footprint to zero in operating our AG pumps and buildings. At our winery, our state-of-the-art water treatment system recycles water for vineyard irrigation with non-detectable nitrogen.

Furthermore, the Parrish Family gave a portion of the Adelaida vineyard to the county of San Luis Obispo to restore an onsite creek to its native vegetation. Restoring the vegetation has slowed the creek's flow in the Winter by assisting in erosion control and replenishing the aquifer beneath the area. At Parrish, we do a lot for sustainability but several other wineries and vineyards are taking similar action to preserve our precious environment.

Historical Wine Region
Paso Robles may be new to you, but it is an established wine region with a grape history. The first grapes were planted in 1882, but it wasn't until the 1920s that vineyards flourished in the Paso Robles area. Zinfandel was one widely planted variety that still holds a place in the hearts of many wineries. That is how Parrish Family Vineyard’s history began as David Parrish's grandfather came to the area in the 1920s from Fresno, California. He planted and grew over 740 acres of grapes, including Zinfandel, in the neighboring area of Atascadero. 

To become more enriched in our history, view more here

More than Just Wine
Being a wine region we will always promote wine, but even the wine industry appreciates other craft beverages. Paso Robles offers great options for those seeking breweries, distilleries, and coffee roasters. Therefore, a weekend itinerary can include wine, beer, ciders, spirits, and coffee. We highly recommend booking with a Paso Robles tour company to assist in itinerary creation and navigation.

Paso Robles offers Michelin-star restaurants to quaint local hangs for those seeking to enjoy delicious food while in wine country. Our darling Downtown offers a selection of well-appointed restaurants and eateries from Italian, French, elevated Mexican, Farm to Table, Fusion, Soul, and Vegan. You can also find delicious eats in the Paso Robles Market Walk and Tin City area.  

The Central Coast is a cornucopia of farms, ranches, groves, and orchards. You can find local vegetables, fruits, nuts, cheeses, meats, vinegar, and olive oil. Also, being along the coast you can find local seafood like oysters, fish, and harvested seaweed. Visit one of the wonderful farmer’s markets to find these local treats. 

Coastal Influence
As we have alluded, Paso Robles is near the coast which influences our grapes as well as makes our area a well-rounded travel destination. We are a 20-30 minute drive from the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. Visitors can spend a few days in Paso Robles Wine Country and then venture to the coast for various activities. Our coastline features beautiful beaches and quaint towns with perfect spots for hiking, surfing, kayaking, wildlife watching, and visiting historic monuments like Hearst Castle. We recommend first stopping in Paso Robles to pick wines for your coastal adventures!

Paso Robles Festivals & Events
Paso Robles offers various festivals and events throughout the year for wine enthusiasts and those with varying interests in music, crafts, lavender, olive oil, cars, and cycling. Visitors can plan a wine-country trip alongside a fun festival to deepen their understanding of what makes Paso Robles, Paso. 

We highly recommend visiting around the first few weeks of December to enjoy the annual Vine Street Victorian Showcase, which has graced the town for almost 40 years. The walking event features singing, dancing, notable characters (Scrooge and Santa), treats, and local goodwill to bring holiday cheer and a sense of small-town charm to your heart.   

Dog Friendly Wineries & More
Last but not least, Paso Robles Wine Country is paw-rific! Many of the wineries allow furry friends to join wine excursions and multiple hotels offer accommodations for you and your pups. We love dogs so much that many local businesses host an annual fundraising event, Wine4Paws, supporting our local Woods Humane Society.

Prior to visiting, we still recommend that you check business guidelines to create a seamless trip for you and your dog. At Parrish Family Vineyard, we welcome friendly dog patrons and serve fresh water as well as treats on our porch overlooking the vineyard. Idyllic for all involved.

Time to start planning your next wine trip to Paso Robles Wine Country and we hope that you will add Parrish Family Vineyard to the itinerary as we offer estate wines, house-made food offerings, and beautiful vineyard views in our Ranch house. Book your next visit here

Download the Paso Robles Wine Country Map


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Parrish Team
May 27, 2024 | Parrish Team

Your Dream Winery Wedding Venue Awaits!

After years of crafting exquisite wines and creating unforgettable experiences for our guests, we're delighted to extend our offerings to those seeking a truly magical setting for their special day. After much anticipation, we are delighted to offer our picturesque vineyard as the perfect backdrop for your special day. Whether you're planning a romantic wedding ceremony or a memorable rehearsal dinner, our serene and enchanting surroundings will make your celebration unforgettable.

Why Choose Our Winery for Your Special Occasion?

Located in Paso Robles Wine Country: Our estate is along Adelaida Road, just 5 minutes from Downtown, making it an easily accessible Paso Robles Wedding Venue for your guests.

Breathtaking Views: Say "I do" surrounded by lush vineyards, rolling hills, and stunning sunsets. Our winery offers a captivating backdrop that will leave you and your guests in awe.

Exceptional Wines: Treat your guests to an exceptional selection of wines crafted right here on our estate. From crisp whites to rich reds, our award-winning wines will add an extra touch of elegance to your celebration.

Personalized Service: Our dedicated team is committed to making your wedding or rehearsal dinner dreams a reality. From the initial planning stages to the last toast of the evening, we'll be by your side every step of the way.

Unforgettable Memories: Create memories to last a lifetime with your loved ones as you celebrate amidst the beauty of our vineyard. Whether you are exchanging vows under the open sky or enjoying a candlelit dinner under the stars, every moment will be filled with joy and love.

Book Your Dream Winery Wedding Today!

Ready to toast to your happily ever after at our enchanting winery? Contact our events team today to schedule a tour, discuss your vision, and start planning the vineyard wedding of your dreams.

Check out our wedding and rehearsal dinner packages! 

Parrish Family Vineyard Wedding Brochure

Contact us for more information 

Chloe Kline
Event Manager
(805) 286-4028

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Parrish Team
March 28, 2024 | Parrish Team

How to Plan an Overnight Visit to Paso Robles & Cambria!

Can you plan a stop at Parrish Family Vineyard with a coastal trip? Of course! We would love to have you stop by for wine and lunch before you settle into your coastal visit. Paso Robles is not far from many of the beautiful beaches on the Central Coast. We are talking only 30-40 minutes. Spring is a lovely time of year to visit as wine country is serene with cool days and the coast quiet with moody views. 

To assist, here's an itinerary for a quick visit in wine country with an overnight stay in Cambria! 

12:30pm Parrish Family Vineyard - Stop by in Paso Robles for a wine tasting and lunch. It is the perfect time to take in the beauty of the tranquil vineyard, enjoy house-made food offerings, and figure out a wine for dinner. We recommend the Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Estate Cabernet Sauvignon if you are planning on a dinner with seafood. 

2:00pm Pasolivo Ranch - Continue up Adelaida Road and turn onto Vineyard Drive for an olive oil tasting. Their shop features various olive oils from the ranch, seasonings, treats, and kitchen goods.

3:00pm Enjoy a gorgeous drive through wine country to the coast by taking Hwy46E to Cambria. Along Hwy46, before turning onto Hwy1, there is a pull-out on the left-hand side. This spot offers stunning views of Morro Rock and the coastline. 

3:45pm Check into your room and get settled in. We have two accommodation recommendations:

White Water Lodge - A lovely lodge right along Moonstone Beach. The beach has a wood boardwalk for strolling and taking in the views. 

J. Patrick House & Inn - A cozy B&B among the pine trees. The inn is a close walk to the beautiful Cambria Pine Lodge grounds and only a 3-5 minute drive to the ocean. 

5:30pm Enjoy an early dinner at one of these restaurants: 

Sea Chest Oyster Bar - This small restaurant is a beloved seafood spot. They are known for their oysters, but fresh fish and pasta are offered. Sea Chest does not take reservations (hence show up when they open or before) and cash only. 

Robin's - A cozy and charming restaurant in the west village of Cambria. Robin's menu is fresh and eclectic. Our Culinary Director, Cecily, used to live in Cambria, and her favorite dish was the salmon bisque. 

The following day drive up the coast to the famous Hearst Castle, or visit the William Randolph Hearst Memorial Beach (known as the Cove to local kids). And just like that, you've taken in the beautiful countryside of Paso Robles and the wooded oceanside of Cambria with an overnight stay. 

There are plenty of quick trips you can plan along the Central Coast, but if you are looking for a three-day trip in wine country, this itinerary is for you. 


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Parrish Team
February 8, 2024 | Parrish Team

New Year, New Food Menu

Ready for wine & lunch in the beautiful Paso Robles wine country featuring our delicious new food menu at Parrish? We are, and we work here!

We are excited to offer our new food menu, which kicks off 2024 with delightful twists. Before we dive into the new offerings, we should clarify that the wildly popular BLTA, with its praline bacon and house-made Cabernet sourdough, will return. We will also be returning the Lamb Enchilada. If you haven't had the Lamb Enchilada, it is a must, featuring braised lamb, house-made sweet potato tortillas (gluten-free), guajillo sauce, pickled shallots, and crema. It is collectively a team favorite that we highly recommend pairing with the Estate Cabernet Sauvignon. 

Our married culinary duo, Ethan and Cecily, are bringing some creative new dishes to the menu. The couple, being a part of the Parrish family, love having the freedom to imagine and design dishes to complement the wine that their family works hard to make. "We can pull from childhood favorites to things we just want to try and make. We're able to do whatever we like, but it has to fit along with the wine tasting. It can be challenging, but it's an honor to be a part of showcasing the work of our family," says Cecily. 

So, here's the upcoming menu without further ado. A sandwich that will be popular is the Brisket French Dip. This sandwich features braised brisket on a house-made cheddar and onion roll and served with au jus. Ethan loves cooking up brisket, so it was an obvious choice for the sandwich. You might think of French onion soup with this dish.

Another offering is the Caprese Waffle, which features a waffle infused with basil oil and served with burrata, confit tomatoes, balsamic reduction, and fresh basil. Cecily loves caprese and margherita pizza, so this dish merges her favorite dishes together, but with a savory waffle involved. The Caprese Waffle pairs wonderfully with the Rosé as it will make the wine a little creamy!

If you are looking for a more vegetable-forward dish, Cecily has crafted a Gnocchi Salad. This salad features potato gnocchi and roasted vegetables served with sprigs of arugula, house-made cashew ricotta, pea pesto, and toasted pine nuts. It's a flavorful and light offering that we highly recommend with a glass of our Four Chords blend.

Last but not least is dessert! And this will be for the chocoholics, a Skillet Brownie. A Mexican cocoa brownie served with house-made vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of coffee caramel. This dessert surprised us as Ethan and Cecily worked with the Tasting Room team on a wine pairing. We loved it with the Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, so this will be a decadent finish to your wine tasting. While the dessert comes in a personal cast iron skillet, it is shareable between 2-4 people. Although, we know die-hard dessert enthusiasts will only request one spoon, which we understand. 

If this whetted your appetite, feel free to book a reservation to enjoy our wine and food offerings soon. Come to think of it, the writer of this blog may need to make a reservation for that Skillet Brownie. 

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Parrish Team
February 1, 2024 | Parrish Team

Meet Andrea & the 2020 Zinfandel!

2020 Zinfandel and Tasting Room Lead

Meet Andrea, our Lead Tasting Room Associate, who recently joined the Parrish Family Vineyard team! She is excited to share her favorite wine with you - the 2020 Zinfandel. Andrea is a big fan of chocolate and she loves that the fruit forward Zinfandel carries notes of cocoa and dark chocolate. She also loves the luxury and elegance on the palate and says “Everyone should have a bottle…it’s that delicious.” 

Andrea would pair the Zinfandel with a movie night! For her, horror flicks, friends, and freshly baked brownies are the perfect Zinfandel accompaniments.

Ready to create your own Zinfandel pairing and occasion? Here are the details on the 2020 vintage from our Winemaker, Cody Alt.

2020 Zinfandel 

Owner and Winemaker, David Parrish is drawn to the Zinfandel variety in memory of his grandfather, Earl Henderson, who planted Zinfandel in the 1920’s. Grandpa Earl was able to acquire cuttings from the renown Paderewski Ranch in Paso Robles. He took the cuttings and planted them in Atascadero, where he managed 740 acres. Today, the Parrish Family grows a half acre of Zinfandel near the gates to the Tasting Room along Adelaida Road. 

Tasting Notes: Red Cherry, Fresh Cranberry, Pomegranate, Cocoa, Leather, White Pepper

Pairing Suggestion: Pork Tenderloin with a Mushroom and Sage Stuffing

Release Notes: Released to Wine Club

AVA: Adelaida

Vineyard Notes: Head Trained and Spur Pruned. Half an acre.

Yield: 4 Tons

Alcohol: 14.75%

PH: 3.62

TA: 5.9 G/L

VA: .69 G/L

Fermentation: Stainless Steel with Pumpovers and Punchdowns 

Oak Profile: 50% New French Oak - To allow the fruit to be the focus 

Vintage Notes: The 2020 vintage is memorable much like the year for obvious reasons. Bud break was a little late due to rainfall in the Spring, but there were no frost issues with it being a warmer year. The flowering was normal and occurred in good conditions. Summer arrived with hot weather and record heat waves in August and September. This encouraged the 2020 harvest to begin and be completed quickly. During the beginning days of harvest, Paso Robles and most of the Central Coast was overcast with smoke from fires in Northern California. Despite this challenge, the Zinfandel was left to complete its ripening and the winemaking team worked their magic to save the wine from smoke taint. Therefore, the 2020 vintage showcases the hardwork and determination of our winemaking team to keep the quality that you have come to know and love at Parrish Family Vineyard.  

Purchase the 2020 Zinfandel Here or Join the Wine Club


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Parrish Team
November 22, 2023 | Parrish Team

Enhance your visit - Porch heaters and all-weather shades!


Experience the welcoming atmosphere of our tasting room porch, regardless of the weather!

We’re excited to introduce our new heaters and shades that ensure you’re protected from the elements, allowing you to enjoy a cozy ambiance with a stunning fall vineyard view. No need to worry about the weather – cherish your holiday moments with friends and family in comfort!

Grab your wine-tasting besties, and join us this holiday season for a delightful tasting of our award-winning wines paired with delicious, chef-prepared food. We can’t wait to share these magical holiday moments with you! 🍷✨🍂

Check out the videos on Instagram!

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Parrish Team
October 12, 2023 | Parrish Team

Experience Paso Robles as a PFV Wine Club Member

Parrish family vineyard wine bottle and people sitting around the table smiling

The coziest time of year is here, and the season of celebrations ahead has inspired us to share our ideal 3-day wine tasting trip to enjoy a visit at Parrish Family Vineyard and some of Adelaida Road’s best hotels, wineries and restaurants.

And to make it even better, Parish Family Vineyard wine club members now receive exclusive preferred rates at the Allegretto Vineyard Resort, Paso Robles Inn and Oxford Suites

(email us for your exclusive code)


From wine-tasting experiences with delicious bites and spectacular vineyard views to some of the best hospitality options in Paso Robles, this thoughtfully curated plan may be just what you need to plan the best weekend getaway.


Recommended Stay

Here are some of our suggestions for the best places to stay in Paso Robles:

Slideshow of Allgretto vineyard resort amenities

Allegretto Vineyard Resort: The Allegretto is located on the east side of Paso Robles, surrounded by beautiful orchards and vineyards, providing the best food and wine experiences. With European-style hospitality, guests are invited to relax in lush gardens, soothing spa experiences or in a private pool cabana. Take an adventure on a horseback tour through Wine Country, savoring some of the finest regional wines, including Allegretto's own private label. The perfect refuge on the California Central Coast. 

Paso Robles Inn: If you’re looking for the true heart of Paso Robles, you’ll find it at the historic Paso Robles Inn. Located right across from the tree-lined downtown square, the Inn sits right on the very spot where Paso Robles was founded over 150 years ago. Established in 1889, the Paso Robles Inn hotel is more than a landmark, but a lasting legacy of the heartfelt hospitality that has made Paso Robles, CA such a special destination for over a century.   

Oxford Suites, Paso Robles:  Featuring a selection of 101 well-appointed, non-smoking executive suites. Each space, intimately designed to capture the essence of Paso Robles, features subtle luxuries like granite countertops, rich color palettes and refined textures. Furnishings and amenities include a writing desk, mini-fridge, 49” LCD TV, as well as well-lit bathrooms and eco-friendly bath amenities. 


Hill Top Guest House: Enjoy bird’s eye views from McPrice Myers’ beautiful, modern hilltop house. This beautiful location overlooks our vineyard and property along Adelaida Road! 


The Longhorn Lookout on Adelaida Road is the perfect place to relax and drink wine while watching our beautiful Texas Longhorns roam pasture below you. 3 separate vacation rentals, each offering 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom.

Cabin-Style Lodge by Alicia offers 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, a fireplace, and the views of Texas Longhorn cattle roaming the fields.


Grand Cru Limousine: A quick weekend or day trip is best enjoyed with someone driving you around. Don’t spend your time driving more, let them drive for you. Ask for James to take good care of you.


Visit & Enjoy


Day 1: 

10:00am Red Scooter Deli - Have box lunches delivered at the house to take with you on your adventure. Red Scooter is used by many wineries and have fed us many a harvest. They offer vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options.

10:30am McPrice Myers - Start the day tasting their Rhone wines that definitely have a fitting label, “Beautiful Earth.” You will be welcomed by their wonderful team and hopefully get to meet Mac, one of the nicest guys.

12:00pm Alta Colina - Family owned & operated winery producing beautiful Rhone wines. Enjoy their Summit Vineyard Tasting for a one-on-one experience in the vineyard.

2:00pm Adelaida Vineyards  - With a long history dating back to 1964, visit one of the first wineries along Adelaida Road. This family owned winery is known for its Pinot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

3:30pm Parrish Family Vineyard - Of course we have to be a part of your 1st day, some way! Stop by for a glass of Rosé or Chardonnay, or purchase a bottle for dinner and take in the views as golden hour will be upon us soon.

5:30pm Il Cortile - Arrive Downtown and stop in at one of our favorite restaurants in Paso Robles for house-made pasta and many delicious Italian offerings. We always recommend starting with the carpaccio which features shaved truffles (ask for a side of bread). And if it fits, enjoy our Chardonnay on the menu. Definitely make a reservation!


Day 2:

10:00am Nenow -  Owned by young siblings, this newer tasting room is worth a stop along Adelaida Road. Enjoy Viognier and Mourvedre while taking in a beautiful Nenow view.

11:30am Parrish Family Vineyard - Of course you have to stop by for the full experience. Join us for wine tasting of our Paso Robles Estate wines featuring highly scored Cabernet Sauvignon and popular blends like Silken. Along with the beautiful vineyard views from our cozy setting enjoy our food offerings crafted by our family. It truly is a family affair along Adelaida Road.

1:00pm Re:Find Distillery - Do a spirit tasting with Paso’s first distillery. From bourbon to cucumber flavored vodka, taste and become inspired to become a home mixologist. Let Monica take good care of you by making a reservation

4:00pm Joebella Coffee Roasters - Refresh with coffee at the Paso Market Walk. If Christopher is around, let him recommend the best roast or enjoy one of their many lattes (cafe miel is my favorite). Take your coffee for a little walk around the place to take in all the fun purveyors.

5:30pm Finca - Enjoy a casual and delicious dinner featuring elevated Mexican. There are so many favorites, but to name a few grilled octopus, pork belly chile verde tacos, and chip salad.

6:30pm Leo Leo Gelato - Finish up with a scoop or two of gelato or sorbet also in the Paso Market Walk. 


Day 3: 

11:30am Le Cuvier - Another tasting room that was one of the early pioneers of Adelaida Road, enjoy wine and food pairing experiences along with their naturally fermented wines.

2:00pm Daou - Experience their beautiful hilltop tasting room that will finish off the weekend with a view of Paso Robles. You will want to take a selfie like many of the guests before you.

Looking for more suggestions when it comes to planning your Paso Robles wine tasting trip? Reach out to our Parrish Family Vineyard hospitality team here: (805) 286-4028 or

View of Parrish Family Vineyard from the courtyard overlooking the green vineyards

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Parrish Team
September 21, 2023 | Parrish Team

October is Harvest Month! Join us for Live Music Saturdays

October is Paso Robles Harvest Month, and we invite you to join us for one of the most beautiful, and eventful times of the year!

Live Music Saturdays:
October 7th - Adam Levine Band
October 14th - Dulcie Taylor Band
October 21st - Unfinished with the Beatles

Plus, our new fall food menu will be available to enjoy starting in October. Some of our newest items include a delicious braised Lamb Enchilada, and Squash & Sausage Flatbread.

We encourage you to reserve your experiences now before tables fill up!

Reserve My Table


Reserve My Table


Reserve My Table


Visit their website HERE

Reserve My Table


See you there!

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Parrish Team
August 31, 2023 | Parrish Team

Veraison has begun on our Paso Robles vineyard

Veraison is here! 🍇

Veraison signals the official onset of the ripening of the grapes. This is a period of time when varieties like our Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache will shift from green, to rich tones of red and purple, while white grapes, such as Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay will transform into warmer hues of golden yellow. The cluster skins will soften, and the sugar levels will rise until they are just right for the picking.

"This is an exciting time because we know that once varaison is complete, we are not far off from harvesting and making our new vintage wines! We typically stress the vines during varaison by reducing the water to the vines. Stressing vines at this stage produce grapes that give wines deeper color and better overall better phenolics." - Winemaker, David Parrish

Stay tuned for more vineyard updates as we approach the harvest season!
See more and follow us on our Instagram HERE

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Parrish Team
August 21, 2023 | Parrish Team

New Scores from Wine Enthusiast!

We are thrilled to announce the newest ratings from the acclaimed wine critics at Wine Enthusiast, and excited to share these new Parrish Family Vineyard releases with you!

96 Points - 2019 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
90 Points - 2022 Sauvignon Blanc


2019 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

"Thick and nearly opaque in the glass, this intense yet balanced bottling begins with dense aromas of cocoa, hard spice and baked black fruit on the nose. The creamy mouthfeel of the palate is wrapped in tannins that will last seemingly forever, as flavors of black cherry, bittersweet cocoa and graphite hold the attention deep into the finish." - 96 Points, Wine Enthusiast

Available in our Paso Robles Tasting Room



2022 Sauvignon Blanc

90 Points - Wine Enthusiast

Stay tuned for Wine Enthusiast's full review in their October issue! 
Available in our Paso Robles Tasting Room, and on our website


Shop PFV Wines

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