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Parrish Family Vineyard

Wine Clubs

Join our growing family as a member of one of our clubs! The membership is complimentary and members receive their first shipment at the time of signing up. The benefits for all the clubs are as follows:

Enjoy the luxury of not having to choose by letting the winemakers design your club allocation for you! This club features four bottles twice a year of the best picks of the winemaking team, David, Cody and Ethan.

Like David Parrish, be your own innovator with the option to design your club allocation! This club features six bottles twice a year of your favorites for your wine fridge. 

Feel more a part of the Parrish Family with more wine at your table. This club includes shipments twice a year, access to rare wines, complimentary barrel tastings, and invitations to the annual winemaker dinner. It features twelve bottles twice a year, with the option of one-on-one selection with the wine club manager.

 Being Cab connoisseurs, we want to share the heart of our winery with you. This club features Cabernet Sauvignon allocations with a thosand dollar minimum twice a year, per shipment, along with exclusive access to wines and special events, like the annual winemaker dinner. Club members can add other varieties in addition to their allocations. 

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Club Membership Terms