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Parrish Family Vineyard


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Wine Tasting

2018 Sauvignon Blanc, 2017 Zinfandel, 2016 Petite Sirah, 2016 Silken, 2016 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 

Food Offerings
Available Thursday-Saturday

Cheese & Charcuterie 
Single 13 / Plate 35

A variety of cheeses, meats, olives, Marcona almonds, dried fruit, and in-house made bread.

Roasted Grape & Pistachio Crostini  14
Herb roasted grapes with goat and marscapone, roasted pistachios, drizzled honey and housemade baguette.

Fig & Greek Olive Tapenade   14
Mission figs and Greek olives minced with house made basil oil and served with housemade focaccia.  ⓥ 

Peach Caprese Salad  14 - Fall Salad Coming Soon!
Peach and heirloom tomato salad with fresh burrata, arugula, balsamic reduction, and fresh basil pesto. 

Chef’s Fall Flatbread  14
Chef’s choice of seasonal produce of vegetables and fruits, burrata, served on garlic naan bread and topped with micro arugula.  ⓥ available. 

Cali B.L.T.A.  18
California B.L.T.A. with roasted garlic aioli, green leaf lettuce, tomato, almond praline bacon, avocado on sliced housemade Cabernet Sourdough. Served with organic greens and house vinaigrette. 

 ⓥ  Vegan or Vegan Option
GF  - Housemade Gluten Free Bread by Request

Macaron Flight
Available Friday & Saturday 

Three Italian style macarons crafted by Chef Samantha and paired with three wines featuring our 2017 Zinfandel, 2016 Petite Sirah, and 2016 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon. Gluten Free. 50 


Sunday Brunch
Available 11am-2pm 

Harvest Hash  16
Confit sweet potatoes, roasted squash as well as cauliflower, brussel sprouts, onions, red bell peppers with a sunny side up egg. ⓥ available. 

Pumpkin Brioche French Toast  17
Housemade pumpkin brioche served with pecan maple syrup, brown butter apples, and pumpkin spiced chantilly.

Bone Marrow Toast  21
Roasted beef bone marrow served with housemade Cabernet Sourdough toast, sauteed mushrooms with micro arugala. 

Side of Chef's Housemade Chicken & Apple Sausage  5 
Side of Bacon or Sausage Link  4


Available 2pm-4pm

Cheese & Charcuterie  12
A shareable variety of cheeses, meats, olives, Marcona almonds, dried fruit, and in-house made bread. GF available.


 ⓥ  Vegan Option
GF  - Housemade Gluten Free Bread by Request


Food Program by Estate Chef Samantha Eitel. Cabernet Sourdough by G.M. Cecily Parrish Ray. 

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