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Parrish Family Vineyard

Our Heritage

Our Heritage Then

The Parrish family has deep roots in the Atascadero and Paso Robles area. When EG Lewis purchased 27,000 acres in the area, he wanted to create an utopian community based on agricultural sustainability. This is where our heritage begins. Lewis connected with Earl Henderson and asked him to manage the area for wine grape production. Henderson is grandfather to the Parrishes.

Henderson planted and managed approximately 740 acres of wine grapes including Alicante, Charbon, Petit Syrah, and Zinfandel (the Zinfandel cuttings were purchased from the Paderewski Ranch) and was very successful.  Unfortunately, no one could foresee two major problems that would lead to the collapse of this new fledgling industry: U.S. Prohibition and the Great Depression.  Although Henderson was able to sell his grapes privately to individuals who could make their own wine, he couldn’t have a commercial winery.  He and his wife, Katie, made a home in Atascadero raising their kids and watching the next generations grow.

Our Heritage Now

Fast forward 70 years, and David Parrish was living a similar dream with his own vineyard in the foothills outside Atascadero. Like his grandfather, he didn’t fall into the winemaking world; he was called to it.  While enjoying a glass of wine overlooking the vineyard, Parrish told his brother that he was considering taking their grandfather’s dream a step further. Parrish wanted to open his own winery saying this was our heritage. The Parrish Family took the leap and began producing their boutique wine in 2004. They opened a Downtown Paso Robles tasting room in 2011 and continued their dream by opening a new winery and tasting room in 2018. The state-of-the art, picturesque location is at their Adelaida Vineyard where guests can take in the vineyard views from the ranch house style tasting room.