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Parrish Family Vineyard

Adelaida Creek Restoration

The project of restoring a dried up creek and bringing it back to life

The Adelaida Creek Restoration project has been a passion project for the Parrish family. Set among the Adelaida Vineyard and site of the new winery and tasting room, the once dried up creek is now full of thriving plants and animals. The creek restoration was essential for improving water flow and run-off from the creek down to Paso Robles.

Working with the San Luis Obispo Resource Conservation District, the California Conversation Corps, the Americorps Watershed Stewardship and the Vineyard Team, everyone pulled together to help repair this much needed land.

The Parrish family donated 0.64 acres of the land to San Luis Obispo County and the Resource Conservation District team will maintain the property for the first five years. From there, the Parrishes will be custodians of the land; which has been donated to the county in perpetuity.

Rehab to the creek was an important step to improving the land for the sake of the vineyard and the betterment of the community as a whole. It’s a great process to see it now coming to life with more than 500 plants.