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Parrish Family Vineyard

Petite Sirah

The Petite Sirah Grape

The most important thing to know about the Petite Sirah grape is that it is not the same as Syrah grape. The small berries produce some of the biggest and tannic wines in the U.S. because of its full body some say the wine can age for decades, even 40 years, as the tannins even out and become more balanced with the acidity and the fruit.

How to Serve Petite Sirah

Serve around 65˚ degrees Fahrenheit or a little colder than room temperature. You want as many floral and mineral notes as possible to even out the boldness of this incredible wine. Many people also decant the wine for a couple hours before drinking to further soften it.

The wine is dark in color and bold in flavor with black fruits, plum, pepper, and powerful tannins. Ours has much smoother tannins with chocolate and fruit flavors. It’s delicious to enjoy on its own or paired with food, family and friends.

Petite Sirah Food Pairing

Petite Sirah food pairing should be as big and bold as the wine. Stick with red meats as white meats will be outmatched with all the flavor. Also try stews, short ribs or ethnic foods with lots of spices and herbs.