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Parrish Family Vineyard

Club Account Assistance

Club Login 

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Customize Shipment 
Feature available to Innovator's, Heritage, and Cab Club. Learn more about our clubs here

1. Once logged into your account, click “Hello <your name>” in top left corner of the page

2. Click on the sub-menu, Club List, then click red button, Edit Club. 

**Allocations, while it would make sense, is not where you edit the club shipments. We understand that this is confusing, but sadly is apart of the point of sales system. We would love for it to be more transparent in the future. If you would prefer, just email us what you would like to customize. 

3. Club Choices section is where you can customize your club shipment.


  • Standard Shipment: Is reflected as the wines with bottle numbers selected when you login. Anything with 0 is not selected as apart of the Standard Shipment. Anything with 1+ will be apart of the shipment.
  • Switch Wines: If there is a wine you would like instead of the standard selection, just click the drop box next to the wine you do not want and select 0. Then select the wine you want by adding to the number by clicking on the drop box next to the wine. 
  • Increase Bottle Amount: Click the drop box to select more of the wine you would like. 
  • Minimums per Club: 
    • Winemaker’s Club  - 4 bottle minimum
    • Innovator’s Club - 6 bottle minimum
    • Heritage & Founder’s Club - 12 bottle minimum (case) 
  • Some wines have a max limit amount of bottles that can be added to the shipment due to limited quanities, or library status. 

5. You can also check your billing and shipping options for the allocation. Select the credit card you would like to use as well as change from shipping to pick up and vice versa. 

6. Once done be sure to hit the red “Submit” button to save your changes. Once saved, it will say “Club Success”

Update Your Credit Card 

  • Once logged into your account, click on the sub-menu, Credit Cards
  • We recommend one card per account for best processing

Update Your Addresses 

  • Once logged into your account, click on the sub-menu, Address Book 
  • You can set shipping addresses and billing addresses this way 
  • If you would prefer to update with an team member instead, please call us at 805-286-4028 for best security as opposed to emailing. Thank you! 

Update Login & Other Info 

  • Once logged into your account, click on the sub-menu, Edit Profile 
  • Update
    • Name
    • Primary Address
    • Phone Number
    • Email
    • Birthdate
    • Username & Password 

Need Help 

No worries! Just email or call us with changes, or questions.