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Parrish Family Vineyard

Sauvignon Blanc

The Sauvignon Blanc Grape

The Sauvignon Blanc grape has green skin and is from France’s Bordeaux region. It comes in a close second in popularity to Chardonnay and is the world’s eight most widely planted grape.

Sauvignon Blanc is recognizable for its bell pepper aroma; which is called pyrazine. It’s our favorite white wine to make because of its minerality and complexity. The Parrish style leads with a beautiful blend of tropical and stone fruit combined with white peaches and hints of guava and pineapple. It’s light with a great acidity and finish. The grapes come from our Adelaida Vineyard. 

How to Serve Sauvignon Blanc

It’s best to serve Sauvignon Blanc around 40˚ to 45˚ degrees Fahrenheit. When served too cold, it’s difficult to pick up floral and fragrant aromas. If you’re served a glass that’s too cold, hold it by the glass instead of the stem which will warm it up. It will also warm up just being in the room and out of the refrigerator.

Serve in a wine glass with a U-shape bowl so the aromas travel up the glass to the front of the palate. This direction helps balance the acidity with the fruit aromas and the smaller rim keeps the wine cooler by blocking warmer air flow. And, don’t wait too long to enjoy it because the wine doesn’t age well.

Sauvignon Blanc Food Pairing

Sauvignon Blanc food pairings are pretty simple if you stick to seafood. Oysters are the most popular pairing or other shellfish. You can also try chicken, cheeses, vegetables, salads and sushi. Wines that are crisp, citrusy, light on the mineral notes, or a bit tropical for the best food pairings.